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SpringDoclet is a Javadoc doclet that generates documentation on Spring Framwork artifacts in a project. The detection of Spring artifacts is based on the presence of Spring annotations on Java classes and methods.

SpringDoclet currently detects and documents the following types of Spring artifacts:

SpringDoclet writes its output in HTML format into a file named spring-summary.html. The location of the file is determined by the Javadoc "-d" option, with the same defaulting rules as the standard doclet.

Sample Report

View a sample report, generated by Maven using the Spring Framework Pet Clinic example project. Click on the "Spring Docs" link in the list of project reports.

Using SpringDoclet

Before using SpringDoclet, you will need to download or build it and make it available in your build tool. Follow these instructions for downloading, building, testing, and using SpringDoclet on your project.


This project is licensed under the terms of the Apache License, Version 2.0.